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Explanation of Check Boxes
  • Basic Photo Restoration and Repair
    We retouch and remove small spots and minor scratches. Should the photo require it we adjustment color, contrast and brightness.
  • Advanced Photo Restoration
    Retouching severely torn or damaged images, removal of folds, creases and wrinkles. This can include repair of rips, tears, reconstructing pieces of photos, repairing holes, replacing entire backgrounds.
    Also includes image and color correction and custom cropping.
  • Paintings from Photographs
    We will take your image and create stunning art work.
  • Colorizing Photos
    We will take your black and white image and turn it into a colored photograph.
  • Customize Greeting Cards
    We can create greeting cards with your picture and your wording. Minimum order 10
  • Whole Sale Information
    When you would like to sell our card check the box and we will get with you as soon as possible.

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